Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

A moulded case circuit breaker (MCCB) is a type of electrical protection device that is used to protect the electrical circuit from excessive current, which can otherwise cause overload or short circuit. With a current rating of up to 2500A, MCCBs can be used for a wide range of voltages and frequencies with adjustable trip settings. These breakers are used instead of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in large scale PV systems for system isolation and protection purposes.

MCCB  provides

  • Overload Protection,

  • Electrical Fault Protection against short circuit currents, and

  • Electrical Switch for disconnection.

RMC offers a wide range of MCCB which are manufactured with electrical grade SMC/ DMC and EC grade copper. All the MCCB’s are tested before they are rolled out in the market to ensure efficient functioning. Range includes Single Pole, Up To 225 Amp 3 Pole and 4 Pole MCCB’s Ics=Icu from 10 Ka and10 Amp Upto 400 Amp.

Salient Features

  • Good Corrosion and Weather Resistance

  • High Physical and Mechanical Strength

  • High Strength to weight ratio

  • Highly Durable

  • Lower thermal conductivity and Good adaptability & dimensional stability with UV resistance and Flexibility in design

  • Light in Weight and hence easy to handle and install

  • Ease of Maintenance with Zero Downtime

  • Economical & cost effective