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SMC junction boxes are one of the necessary precautions in offices and homes. Leakage of current due to poor conduction of electricity is a common reason for accidents like electrocution, fires, accidents and deaths.

“Precautions are better than Cure”

RMC is an SMC Junction Box Manufacturer In India. We design it to contain the wiring junction to allow them to connect with the main power supply. Though it is mostly regarded as a practical device to ensure safety and security to the occupants of the residential or public building, it also provides a solution to the dangerous twisted bunch of wires. 

Junction box is a device that contains the wiring junctions or intersections that allow the wiring in the home or public building to interface with the main power supply provided by a local utility. The presence of the junction box is usually regarded as both practically safer and aesthetically pleasing than a bunch of exposed electrical wires.

SMC Junction Box Suppliers in India manufacture Junction Boxes from sheet molding compound which ensures excellent dielectric properties.




Junction boxes are made from quality material and therefore are resistant to corrosion, rusting or rotting .Not only this, they are also resistant to insect damage and termite attacks, making them extremely durable. They are hundred percent waterproof and thus require very little or no maintenance for a long period of time.

Easy installation

Junction boxes can be easily installed both into the wall or outside. If you’re installing a junction box outside, we recommend you to use a weatherproof option for extra protection. The door is at the box front, which allows the user to access the interior.

Safety measures

One of the important jobs of Junction box is to provide safety. The junction boxes help contain sparks in the rare case of an overloaded junction box, which prevents contact with combustible elements and accidental fires. Mostly, junction boxes come with a safety switch that allows you to shut down the connections in case of an emergency.


Junction Boxes Manufacturer in India manufactures Junction boxes that can withstand heavy rains, extreme temperatures and fluctuating voltage.

Tamper-proof design

Junction boxes come with special protection against manipulation. They restrict unauthorized tapping or any sort of tampering. Many junction boxes also come with various safety measures like a full-seam welding, burglar alarm system, front and rear lid tamper switches and tamper proof screws.

Long shelf life

The life shelf of a junction can last decades. Though the wiring needs to be upgraded to accommodate additional junctions or larger cables, overall they require no coating or extra protection. The original wiring usually remains in good condition, and there is no need to replace the entire junction box, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Types of Junction Box

  • Electrical Junction Boxes

  • Wiring Junction Boxes

  • Electric Junction Boxes

  • Plastic Junction Boxes

  • Weather proof junction boxes

  • Flameproof junction boxes

  • Cable Junction Boxes

  • Plastic Electrical Junction Boxes


We are one of the leading Junction Boxes suppliers in India. Let us know how we can help you. RMC’s professional engineering team can design SMC Junction boxes to meet your needs!