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We all know that the current situation of  CoronaVirus (COVID-19) makes it particularly important to do a good job of cleaning and disinfection.We at RMC, manufactures useful and beneficial tool-- sanitizer dispenser stands to help us keep cleaning in the public places.

It is a bitter truth that harmful germs live almost everywhere. These troublemakers hang out in nearly every public location with the sole motive of spreading their infectious and dangerous bacteria to any life source they come in contact with. Their parents must be so proud of them!

But thankfully, we live in the 21st century, where we found a way to defend  against germs and pathogens that give us the upper hand in one of humanity’s most enduring struggles. RMC is a Sanitizer Stand Manufacturer In India. The purpose of these dispensers  is that the sanitiser could be used without touching the bottle with hands. Just by pressing the pedal with a foot, the bottle would dispense the liquid.

Not only this, it also provides many other benefits such as:

  • One of many advantages of a dispenser is that you get to refill it. So, you don’t have to gather a lot of plastic bottles.

  • It decreases the risk of cross infection of employees and customers.

  • Students usually have little or no time to wash their hands and even when they do, they just do it like Vroom….Which can still leave lots of bacteria on loose in their hands. Use of a sanitizer dispenser leaves no room for germs.

  • It is like a teacher of good wellness practices. If people walk past a hand sanitizer dispenser during cold and flu season or even normally, they’re likely to stop and disinfect their hands.

  • Peace of mind. People are going to be less worried about picking up the cold or flu with easy access to hand sanitizers.

  • It’s cool to have clean, healthy hands, isn’t it?. Plus, clean healthy hands save lives (especially in today’s time).

As we are talking about safety , RMC is also a manufacturer of various other products that provides safety such as: 

Junction Boxes Manufacturer In India:

Junction boxes are the precautionary measure of common reason for accidents like electrocution, fires, accidents and deaths.

The junction boxes help contain sparks in the rare case of an overloaded junction box, which prevents contact with combustible elements and accidental fires. Mostly, junction boxes come with a safety switch that allows you to shut down the connections in case of an emergency.

Meter Box Manufacturer In India:

One can find electric meters at any place such as households, commercial places or industry. For billing purposes, electric utilities use electric meters installed at customers' land to measure electric energy delivered to their customers.

FRP Fencing Manufacturer In India:

FRP fencing is a complete solution to safety in both residential areas and heavy industries. It is used for protection and isolation and applied in many areas that require rapid installation.