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The demand for FRP/SMC products is increasing at a very fast pace.Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), also called fiber-reinforced polymer, is a composite material made up of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. The fibres are usually glass (in fibreglass), carbon, basalt or aramid. Other fibres such as paper, wood, or asbestos are rarely used. 

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) is a compression molding compound often used for larger parts where there is a need for higher mechanical strength. SMC is a fiber reinforced thermoset material and is a mixture of polymer resin, inert fillers, fiber reinforcement, catalysts, pigments and stabilizers, release agents, and thickeners and possesses strong dielectric properties. 

RMC is one of the leading manufacturers of many FRP/SMC products including:

FRP Cable Trays Manufacturer In India:

There are numerous individuals who still accept that steel exceeds the competition. Well, to some extent it is true. However, fiberglass offers the same quality strength to weight ratio at only one third the weight of steel, which enables for a simpler and more economical installation. 

FRP cable trays are formed through fiberglass pultrusion and continuous mechanized production process. They have very good corrosion-resistant and fire retardant properties so that they are mainly used to support insulated electric cables for power distribution in chemical industries, communications industries, oil and gas industries, metallurgy industries, etc.

Today almost every electrical installation depends on FRP cable trays.RMC offers a wide range of cable trays to suit any installation requirements. 

FRP Ladders Manufacturer In India:

Normally people, in and out of the trades, use some type of climbing device on a regular basis. Say, for the homeowner it can be something like a step stool to reach higher shelves, or change a light bulb.

For general purpose step ladders, fiberglass is the go-to choice. Even though they’re naturally going to be heavier than aluminum, but when it comes to being strong/ sturdy/rigid, fiberglass definitely is the better choice 

SMC Junction box Manufacturer In India:

SMC junction boxes are one of the necessary precautions in offices and homes. Leakage of current due to poor conduction of electricity is a common reason for accidents like electrocution, fires, accidents and deaths.

Therefore, RMC designs SMC junction boxes to contain the wiring junction to allow them to connect with the main power supply. Junction boxes are those devices that contain the wiring junctions or intersections that allow the wiring in the home or public building to interface with the main power supply provided by a local utility. The presence of the junction box is usually regarded as both practically safer and aesthetically pleasing than a bunch of exposed electrical wires.

FRP Fencing Manufacturer In India:

RMC provides FRP Fencing which combines corrosion resistance, durability, strength, safety, and low maintenance to provide a longer lasting solution for industrial and commercial applications.

For the purpose of continuous product development, we have designed various Fencing Solutions to provide protection and security around electrical equipment, machinery, and other areas that require a non-magnetic, thermally and electrically non conductive systems.

Let us know how we can help you. Our professional engineering team can design these products to meet your needs!