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Hasn’t it been months since we heard any good news?

The last three months have clearly been harrowing and stressful for one and for all due to the sudden COVID-19 pandemic hitting worldwide. Now with the unlockdown in india; with offices, MNCs, hospitals and shops opening up we are seeing shocking rise of the corona positive cases. Nonetheless, life has to go on and economy has to keep running because lockdown for a year or until the vaccines are up and running is not really an option for atleast Indians where billions are out of job and left with no food.

In this case it is very essential for us to keep safety rules in mind to wash, clean and sanitize our hands every so often after touching or holding something. 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands, therefore it’s crucial to implement an effective hand hygiene at home, work, hospital and shops. It must be noted that about 90 percent of working staff will come to work even when they are sick for example a flu, fever , cough, mainly due to an ever-growing workload and fear of loss of salary/job especially after the lockdown scare. This makes any space a hotbed for germs and bacteria especially with the deadly corona virus.

The need of the hour is to ensure hand hygiene to the maximum. This is the only way to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading germs. While washing hands with soap and water; is the best way to keep hand hygiene but it isn’t always the most viable option therefore the simplest solution which is being used more than ever today is the hand sanitizers.

It is worth noting that the hand sanitizer also needs to be touched to squeeze out or spray out the liquid which again can be carrier of millions of more germs.

The good news?

We have come up with a solution of footpress hand sanitizer dispenser!!

This unique design of the foot-press hand sanitizer is one of its kind where the dispenser will not have to be touched which is the foremost concern at this time.

Features of the foot-press hand sanitizer dispenser:

v It holds all sizes of bottle holder

v It is Foot Operated, so no one has to actually touch it 

v It can be adjusted to different heights to suit your space

v It is a complete independent stand which uses no electricity and is hands free